10-Line Jacks or Better

Winning frequency: 2 days
Time since last hit: 2111 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $2,504.56
Smallest win: $29.47
Biggest win: $7,452.32

10-Line Jacks or Better is Playtech’s original take on an otherwise classic video poker game. It is based on the same popular gameplay, but stands out from the crowd through its excellent visuals and the progressive jackpot. The rich graphics and intuitive interface make it a good fit for beginners, while the slightly tweaked rules recommended to veteran players who want to try something different.

10-Line Jacks or Better Theme

The 10-Line Jacks or Better layout is virtually identical to what players can expect to find when enjoying any video poker game of this type. Designers chose to spice things up a little bit by painting the reels in a colorful manner, which is a steep departure from the traditional video poker design. Otherwise, the manner in which the cards are depicted and the animations are rather basic and there’s no risk of getting confused. The game can be played on smartphones and tablets and players don’t compromise on anything if they choose to gamble on the smaller displays.

10-Line Jacks or Better Features

The 10-Line Jacks or Better features are likely to make players feel like they are spinning the reels of a standard video poker, with little to no differences. It is the progressive jackpot that actually makes the difference, but even this one is triggered in a rather predictable manner. Players are paid based on the strength of their hands, with the Royal flush being the one that unlocks the huge amount. The game has a high return to player of 97.3% if optimal strategies used.

10-Line Jacks or Better is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, but since these are shuffled after each hand, there is no point in counting them. Next to the reels, players can compare the payouts for all possible combinations of hands, so they know what to expect. The Royal flush pays the best, but with a probability of one in 45,000 hands, the odds of getting it are obviously small. Players who choose to compete for the progressive jackpot should know that they have to bet the minimum amount to qualify.

10-Line Jacks or Better Jackpots

As stated above, only players who meet the wagering requirements are eligible for winning the jackpot, as a part of their bets goes towards funding this amount. Playtech supplies this game to a broad spectrum of casinos, so the jackpot keeps growing until somebody hits the winning combination. There is no upper limit, so at least in theory, the first prize can reach tens of millions of dollars. To know precisely how much money is up for grabs at any time, you can rely upon the data supplied by Jackpots Finder. The versatile app allows players to track many slots and pokers with progressive jackpots simultaneously.

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