Monty Python’s Life of Brian

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Monty Python’s Life of Brian is one of the slots inspired by the classic films released in the late 70s and early 80s. Ash Gaming took on this ambitious quest and went to great lengths in its attempt of re-creating the humor of those movies. The transition from film to slots proved to be silky smooth, with the resulting game bringing to life the characters and action of the movies. The game can be played straight in the browser and it has a five reel and 30 pay line structure, with free spins, wild and scatter symbols. On top of everything, sits a massive progressive jackpot, which can be won randomly by lucky players.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian Theme

The name of the Monty Python’s Life of Brian slot is the best possible hint regarding the movie it was inspired by. Just like the film, the slot has the fictional character Brian at its cornerstone and it tells his amusing story through a string of well-designed characters. The developers didn’t dwell too much on the alleged similarities between the young Brian and his next-door neighbor Jesus. In the film, they were born on the same day and were often confused, but in this game these connections are nonexistent.

Instead of dwelling on the narrative, Monty Python’s Life of Brian makes sure that the other key characters from the film are featured across the reels. Players will discover signs depicting Pontius Pilate, Brian's Mum, the Laughing Centurion, the Jailer, and Mr Cheeky. They are all among the better-paying symbols, while at the opposite end of the spectrum we have the low paying playing cards. The music is very similar to the soundtrack of the film, so those who have watched the classic movie will surely recognize it, while they hunt for the progressive jackpot.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian Features

The Monty Python’s Life of Brian slots might be based on the move released 40 years ago, but its gameplay is quite modern. This doesn’t mean that simplicity had to be sacrificed for the sake of a functional set of game mechanics, quite the opposite. The game is straightforward and players will get used to them so quickly, that some will be tempted to try the auto play feature. It allows them to preset the stakes and then spin the reels of the game almost indefinitely. Whenever they feel the need for regaining control, they can end this feature and return to the hands-on approach.

One of the Monty Python’s Life of Brian features is the one triggered by the three scatter symbols depicting the temple. The best part is that during this bonus round, players can actually participate in one of the four distinct games available. Back in the late 70s, the movie was regarded as quite bold and the same can be said about the slot and this particular bonus round. Players can choose the stoning bonus or if they prefer, they can launch the People's Front of Judea bonus. The humor of this game is better reflected by the Romani Ite Domum bonus, where players try to write protests on the wall without getting caught.

Another bonus round goes by the name of What's so Funny, where players pick a stoic guard and hope that he can refrain from laughing. If players are successful during this bonus game, they will get a reward in the form of free spins. Also, the Wild Spaceship Re-spins will follow spins, which are awarded in the most visually appealing manner, as it involves a spaceship

Just when you think that nothing could possibly surprise you, Monty Python’s Life of Brian does it again with one of its coolest features. The Monty Python Foot of God will stop the reels and compel players to choose their allegiance. This is also the queue for the progressive jackpot, although the odds of this huge amount being triggered are quite small. On the other hand, it is very likely that the Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Free Spins bonus to be produced. Profits can be multiplied tenfold and if players manage to trigger free spins, the crucifixion bonus can be activated to retrigger the spins.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian Jackpots

The Monty Python’s Life of Brian slot is a must play by anyone who has watched the movies and enjoyed its humor. The progressive jackpot makes it easy to recommend even to those who don’t necessarily appreciate the film, but like the prospect of winning a big payout. As stated above, it is the Monty Python Foot Of God that can trigger the jackpot and this is something that occurs randomly. The event can happen simultaneously with the standard bonus game, so players hit two birds with one stone.

The easiest way of keeping track of the bonus available is to simply check out the amounts displayed in the top left part of the screen. Those who want to learn more about the frequency at which this bonus is won and the record amount won in the past can rely upon Jackpots Finder. The app helps them compare the Monty Python’s Life of Brian jackpot with similar payouts offered by other high paying games.

The Bottom Line

Monty Python’s Life of Brian is a fun movie to watch even 40 years after being released. There’s a good chance for the slot to be just as popular a decade from now, especially if the progressive jackpot will stay in place. Ash Gaming did an excellent job with this game and masterfully translated the popular concepts and ideas from the film to the online casino game. Compatible with mobile devices and offering a decent return to player, this is a slot that can be enjoyed by both casual players and veterans.

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