Age of the Gods King of Olympus

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The Age of the Gods series has had a lot of installments over the years, but one particular slot is dedicated to the ruler of gods. Playtech invites players to discover the mighty Zeus, ruling over his fellow gods, with an iron fist in Age of the Gods King of Olympus. The slot has all the traits that have made the previous games in the series famous, but it is centered on the most important of all deities. Players who choose to spin the reels of this game with 25 pay lines will be competing for a local jackpot of 300,000 times the stakes. The icing on the cake is the progressive jackpot pooled by all the casinos powered by the software developer and featuring any of the games in the Age of the Gods series.

Age of the Gods King of OlympusTheme

Anyone remotely familiar with the games in the Age of the Gods series will know precisely what to expect from this new slot. The differences are negligible in terms of graphics and animations, but the subtle changes are good enough to keep the game fresh. Once again, the reels are populated by the gods of Olympus, each with their agenda and demenor, but one powerful being stands out from the crowd. Zeus was in mythology the God of thunder and the leader of the other deities, something that Age of the Gods King of Olympus conveys through glamorous visuals.

Zeus watches over his subjects and keeps an eye on the player, while towering high above the reels. Next to him, players will discover other deities from Mount Olympus, but also various artifacts and ancient items. The Greek origins of the myth are self-evident for anyone who spends enough time spinning the reels of Age of the Gods King of Olympus. The Eagle of Zeus, the legendary winged horse Pegasus and imposing sailing vessels populate the reels. An inspired color scheme, doubled by a majestic soundtrack, makes this one of the best looking installments in the series.

Age of the Gods King of Olympus Features

Age of Gods King of Olympus is not just a pretty face, but a highly versatile game that is supposed to appeal to both casual players and veterans. That’s the result of players being provided with an impressive range of betting options, starting at as little as 0.01 coins to as much as 100. Not only do punters enjoy a lot of flexibility, but there are more than two dozen denominations to choose from. The bottom line is that players can bet the amount they feel comfortable and can highly customize the size of the stakes. Once they make up their mind, they can even use the autoplay feature to spin the reels automatically.

To produce a winning combination, players need to line up identical symbols from left to right and they can do it on all 25 pay lines. By doing so, they will be eligible for a line bet multiplier and the precise amount can be found in the attached pay table. The bonus gameplay features are the ones that keep players at the edge of their seat and hungry for more. The wild symbol is at the cornerstone of the easiest to trigger combinations and not surprisingly, the developers chose Zeus for this role. As the all-powerful God that he is, he can substitute all the other deities as well as regular symbols to produce winning ways.

Age of Gods King of Olympus has the particularity of going almost all-in when it comes to the attention paid to the King of the gods. That’s because the scatter symbol is also dedicated to him, with the worth mentioning difference that this particular one is depicted by the Zeus slot logo. When players find a minimum of three lined up in the winning sequence, they will have their winnings multiplied. The maximum payouts that can be produced in this manner consist of 100 times the stakes. Players who discover a minimum of three scatter symbols will also receive 10 free spins and growing multipliers.

Age of Gods King of Olympus makes the bonus rounds particularly attractive because of its special feature that throws multipliers into the mix. Throughout the bonus rounds, an additional Zeus wild symbol will take the stage and remain stuck in the middle of the reels. Since winning combinations can be produced in any directions, this solitary symbol can really make the difference. It was only suitable for Zeus to once again find himself at the center of the universe, and players will be looking forward to see him back in action.

Age of the Gods King of OlympusJackpots

The progressive jackpots are awarded to those who spin the reels of any game in the Age of the Gods series several online casinos. This enables them to grow quickly and steadily, while there is no difference between the amounts that can be won based on the game of choice. The progressive jackpot bonuses randomly triggered by this can only happen during the special pick’em feature. During this short mini game, players find out if they qualify for one of the four jackpots available. There amounts differ greatly, so it really matters which of them players end up winning.

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