Bounty of the Beanstalk

Winning frequency: 1 day
Time since last hit: 2109 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $262.13
Smallest win: $30.76
Biggest win: $497.56

Bounty of the Beanstalk is a progressive jackpot slot developed by Ash Gaming and inspired by the old fairytale. It’s not the only online slots based on this fable, but it has the advantage of original gameplay and immersive special features. This is a high variance slot with a return to player of 94% and a top payout of 1 million coins. It was released in August 2014 and it has a unique 5 x 4 reels game matrix with a total of 50 pay lines.

Bounty of the Beanstalk Theme

Just like the vast majority of slots inspired by fairytales, Bounty of the Beanstalk goes to great lengths to capture the very essence of the narrative. That’s why developers invested heavily in its design, so the four main symbols look great in addition to producing the biggest winning combinations. These are the magic beans, the axe, the cow and Jack’s wife, while the other symbols populating the reels include playing cards of lower values. The Giant and Jack were the key characters in the narrative, so it was only natural for the developers to assign them a special role and both of them act as scatters.

The Bounty of the Beanstalk logo will also stand out from the crowd of symbols right from the start, well before players learn about its special abilities. This is the wild symbol, which substitutes all the other signs except for the scatters and activates a special feature. The music also seems to be taken straight from fairytales, soothing but at the same time, engaging. Equally important is that the game succeeds at retaining its epic nature even when enjoyed on the smaller displays of mobile devices.

Bounty of the Beanstalk Features

Bounty of the Beanstalk doesn’t break character and even its special features seem to have something supernatural about them. It definitely helps that the symbols populating the reels and used to produce winning combinations are all magical. The cartoonish symbols pay well and the wild one is particularly important, since it can replace the other signs on the reels. Wild symbols also appear as stacked in bundles of four so they can turn a regular real into a moneymaking machine when least expected. It is these special symbols that can ultimately lead players to the progressive jackpot.

In order to get the party started, developers have introduced Bounty of the Beanstalk free spins and they are ushered in by the symbols portraying Giants. At least three of them are needed and they must appear on the odd reels to produce free spins. When these special symbols make their appearance, the event is celebrated by cool in-game animations depicting the giants on a merry chase. They try to catch Jack across the reels and even though they fail miserably, in their chase, they litter the reels with locked wild symbols. These can be used during the free spins to produce more winning combinations.

Another Bounty of the Beanstalk bonus round is produced by a minimum of three symbols depicting Jack, lined up in a winning sequence. The central character of the fairytale and the one playing the most important role in this slot tries to steal treasures from the unsuspecting Giants. The bonus round continues unabated until the Giants finally wake up and this leads to the untimely end of the mini-game. Players can win a maximum of 600 times the investment, so they should be highly motivated to bet larger amounts.

Bounty of the Beanstalk Jackpots

As mentioned above, the Bounty of the Beanstalk bonus games triggered by a minimum of three symbols depicting Jack is a high paying one. Truth be told, the equivalent of 600 times the stakes is not even the best case scenario for those who activate the special feature. That’s because, during these bonus rounds, players can trigger the progressive jackpot, by uncovering three special golden symbols. Players will be rooting for Jack while on this quest, since a lucky combo can lead to a payout of more than $1 million.

The Bounty of the Beanstalk progressive jackpot doesn’t have a ceiling, so at least in theory, it can grow indefinitely. Depending on the time when the winning combination is produced by a lucky player the winner will walk away with a smaller or bigger amount. Winning the jackpot is quite an achievement regardless of the bounty, but everyone secretly hopes to win the best payouts possible. Jackpots Finder can help you single out the best paying prizes with pinpoint accuracy and with minimal effort. It does so by providing players with live notifications about all the jackpots they are interested in.

The Bottom Line

Bounty of the Beanstalk is one of the better looking and top paying games from Ash Gaming, mostly because of its progressive jackpot. Its 94% return to player isn’t out of the ordinary, but thanks to the free spins and bonus rounds, players can win decent amount on a regular basis, even without the jackpot. The abundance of free spins and the nice return on investment produced by the wild symbols make the winning combinations particularly lucrative. The cartoonish graphics and the funny way in which characters are portrayed, fit in nicely with the fairytale theme and get players interested right off the bat.

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