Caribbean Hold’em

Winning frequency: 42 days
Time since last hit: 1716 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $21,910.83
Smallest win: $1,484.92
Biggest win: $123,798.41

Caribbean Hold’em Poker is a classic table game that can be played in brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as the online operators powered by RTG. The software developer has created a version of the game that also features a progressive jackpot which is pooled with several casinos. Meanwhile, the rules have remained unchanged and the game has the same high return to player, as it carries a small house edge.

Caribbean Hold’em Theme

Caribbean Hold’em Poker is an instant classic game that combines two of the most popular versions of poker played in online casinos. A hybrid between the Caribbean stud poker and Texas hold ‘em, it pits players against the house instead of fellow players. Real Time Gaming has created a game that is first and foremost visually appealing, because of the inspired choice of colors. It has a standard theme and interface, with a minimalistic look that makes it easy for beginners to play for the first time.

Caribbean Hold’em Features

The goal Caribbean Hold'em Poker in general and the RTG version as well, is to bet against the dealer and to make a better hand. Players are compelled to bet the standard amount before the game begins, but they have a lot of freedom of choice in deciding on what happens next. Both the dealer and the player will get two cards and the latter decides if he chooses to bet further or to fold. What makes the game exciting is that the two cards dealt with each party can be combined with the community cards displayed on the table.

Players only get to see the dealer’s hand after the bets are set and there are only three possible outcomes. The dealer might not qualify, assuming he doesn’t have at list a pair of fours, the player can win with a better hand or lose with a weaker one. If the dealer doesn’t have a qualifying hand, the bets are returned, otherwise, the amounts wagered are doubled or subtracted. There is a single special feature for players to chase and this is the progressive jackpot which compels them to place an extra bet.

Caribbean Hold’em Jackpots

The Caribbean Hold'em progressive jackpot is not randomly triggered, but instead awarded to those who make a Royal flush. The odds of this happening are remote, but not extraordinarily low, so the odds of winning the jackpot are actually better than when playing many progressive slots. The only prerequisite is for players to make the additional bet at the beginning of the round, as this amount goes towards fueling the jackpot. Because of the popularity of the table game and the fact that the prize is pooled among many casinos, the jackpot can go up quickly. You can stay up-to-date with the best paying games of this type and also find out immediately when somebody wins the main amount and it is reset to the base value by using Jackpots Finder.

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