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MegaSaur is a progressive jackpot slot that takes players on a virtual trip into the past, back to the day when dinosaurs were roaming the Earth. Those who enjoy games inspired by the Jurassic Park movie are likely to have fun spinning the reels of the game envisioned by Real Time Gaming. Pterodactyls, Velociraptors, Diplodocus, Triceratops and other harmless dinosaurs populate the reels, but the biggest winnings are triggered by the carnivorous ones. Players can expect to reap the benefits of scattered volcanoes, features offering guaranteed wins and to win the coveted Megasaur Jackpot.

MegaSaur Theme

Real Time Gaming has developed its fair share of thematic slots and a fraction of them are inspired by the ancient world. None of them goes as far back in time as MegaSaur, a game with 25 pay lines that are frequently covered by creatures who went extinct millions of years ago. Visually, the game does an excellent job at re-creating the world inhabited by these fantastic animals back in the day. Drawing inspiration from the Jurassic Park movies, it encourages players to venture into the open grasslands and dark forests. In the background, the menacing volcano looms larger than life, ready to spew out free spins.

The dinosaurs triggering prehistoric prizes range from harmless herbivores to some of the fiercest carnivorous beasts that ever roamed the Earth. Some of the best looking ones are the Diplodocus and Triceratops, which also have the merit of producing some of the biggest payouts. Impressive in size and clearly unimpressed by the smaller Velociraptors, they go about their business producing ample winnings. Just as the name suggests, the Megasaur plays a central role in the story and this magnificent beast is at the cornerstone of some of the best paying combinations.

MegaSaur Features

As mentioned above, all the dinosaurs do their part and trigger winning combinations when lined up in the right sequence on the active pay line. It is, however, the Megasaurs who truly bring the reels to life, as they act as wild symbols and also come in different colors. The green one appears wild on the second reel, while the red one will pop up on the fourth and it has the ability to double payouts. Players should also keep an eye for the volcanoes, because these symbols act as scattered ones and they offer free spins ranging from two to as many as 250. More often, players will have to settle for a bundle of 10 free spins.

The scatter symbol has a two-pronged effect, producing these free spins on a regular basis while being also able to trigger the progressive jackpot. Even though this is randomly triggered, it still requires five raging volcanoes to pop up, suddenly turning the batch of free spins into something more exciting. In order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot, players should bet a minimum of five dollars per spin. Given the high volatility of the game, the stakes look a bit prohibitive and even intimidating for casuals.

Players are given the option of betting significantly less, with the amounts ranging from $1.25 to up to $5, which is the amount expected to bet when chasing the progressive jackpot. Given the high frequency of the bonus rounds triggered by the green and red Megasaur, a higher bet will translate into bigger profits. Generally, the red creature is more desirable than its green counterpart, since it doubles all the winnings it produces. The Megasaur slot is also one of the few games out there to guarantee a minimum of six free spins, which is above the similar numbers offered by other slots.

Another cool special feature that truly makes players look forward to the Megasaur free spins is the one offering an exceptional consolation prize. On the off chance that players receive free spins and are unable to convert them into cash, they receive a prize worth 250 times the initial bet. The next challenge is to wager this amount at least two times to receive an additional payout of 300 times the stakes. Players will even be compensated with a variable amount ranging from 5 to 250 times the stakes if they are unable to win twice the amount invested, during the free spins.

MegaSaur Jackpots

The Megasaur progressive jackpot can only be triggered if players find five scatter symbols depicting volcanoes on the active pay line. While there is no guarantee that this will lead to the jackpot, the latter is randomly triggered, so it can land when least expected. The maximum amount up for grabs is clearly displayed above the reels, so players stay up-to-date with everything that happens. For more statistics and information regarding the jackpot, as well as live notifications, players can rely upon Jackpots Finder.

The specialized app focuses on the main progressive jackpot, which is pooled with other casinos powered by RTG. This doesn’t mean that this is the only jackpot worth considering, especially with three other smaller ones waiting to be won. These are awarded in identical fashion and the only thing that makes them differ, is the amount wagered by players. For instance, players collect 20% of the jackpot if they bet $2.5, or 10% if they bet half of that amount and are able to find three scatter symbols.

The Bottom Line

The Megasaur slot tells another story of the dinosaurs’ extinction, but it does so in a rather original way. The ancient creatures take the spotlight, with the Megasaur itself triggering the top winning combinations during the regular rounds. It is, however, the scatter symbol that can truly make the difference and produce the randomly awarded progressive jackpot. Real Time Gaming has extracted a lot from a not so original theme, thanks to the plethora of special features and the ever-growing jackpot.