Cat in Vegas

Cat in Vegas


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Cat in Vegas

Winning frequency: 1 day
Time since last hit: 2109 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $1,604.96
Smallest win: $136.96
Biggest win: $3,465.87

Cat in Vegas is one of the most amusing Playtech’s 5-reel video slots available and also one of the most original. Players follow the adventure of a glamorous feline that goes to Las Vegas to win the big money for itself and the gambler. The game has a total of 20 pay lines, a progressive jackpot and many bonus features that keep players at the edge of their seats in anticipation of the big break.

Cat in Vegas Theme

The central character in the Cat in Vegas slot is Felix the cat, who goes to Sin City with the same hopes and dreams as all gamblers. Players witness the transformation of the feline as it approaches the city and follows its road to success one step at a time. The environment is colorful and neon lights bring the reels to life, both during and after the spins. Whenever winning combinations are triggered, the Fiesta truly starts and the unbridled enthusiasm of the lucky cat is downright contagious. Both these symbols populating the reels and the background evoke iconic images of Las Vegas and its glamorous casinos.

Cat in Vegas Features

There is more than meets the eye about the Cat in Vegas slot, one into which Playtech has poured all its creative resources. In order to make up for the rather low return to player of only 92%, the developers have thrown in a couple of cool features. Winning combinations are produced with a minimum of three and the maximum of five symbols, while players can bet anything between 0.01 and 100.

Cat in Vegas isn’t a slot rich in high paying symbols, with most of the ones populating the reels being regular ones. They have the upside of triggering winnings more often, which makes this slot one of low variance. The symbols depicting Felix and the poker chips can pay a maximum of 1500 times the stakes when players land five of them in a row. Slightly lower payouts are offered to those who find just as many symbols portraying the cat with banknotes and bottles of alcohol.

Cat in Vegas Jackpots

While scrapping regular winnings, players can take a quick glance at the progressive jackpot, which is displayed in the top right-hand corner. To win the crown jewel of Cat in Vegas, players would have to line up a total of five BONUS icons on the first, third or fifth reels. This is when Felix takes the stage and start spinning the reels of slots, to trigger a sequence of red lights. When this happens players win the progressive jackpot and they can do so without meeting requirements for a minimum bet. To learn more about the frequency at which the jackpot is hit, recent and past winners, use the Jackpots Finder app.

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