Cyberstud Poker

Winning frequency: 72 days
Time since last hit: 541 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $20,739.57
Smallest win: $849.62
Biggest win: $321,623.61

Cyberstud Poker is an original title inspired by one of the classic card games that have plenty of fans in land-based casinos. Microgaming took the original concept and made several changes to it to make the game suitable for the challenges of online gambling. Cyberstud Poker is played against the dealer, and even though it is only available against the random number generator, it captures the very fragrance of the original. It definitely helps that the game also has a progressive jackpot which can trigger big winnings.

Cyberstud Poker Theme

Unlike other progressive jackpot slots and thematic games developed by Microgaming, Cyberstud Poker is not a story-driven title. It is only the visual representation of the standard stud poker game, with minor tweaks and the RNG as an opponent, instead of the dealer. The layout of this game doesn’t differ too much from the basic stud poker games produced by the software developer. Brighter colors and crisp symbols catch the eye and free-flowing animations mark the transition from one stage of the game to the other

Cyberstud Poker Features

Players are expected to go through the standard betting phases specific to live and online card games. It all begins with the ante bet and the amount wagered to fuel the progressive jackpot, before they actually bet on the cards dealt. The goal is obviously to beat the dealer, so players need to make an educated decision when folding or calling the hand. After the dealer receives the remaining four cards needed to complete the poker hand, the participants compare their hands and the better one wins.

The Cyberstud Poker feature determining the dealer qualification implies that the latter has to make a hand of at least Ace and King. What makes it stand out from the crowd of regular stud poker games is that players make a profit equal to the ante bet if the dealer doesn’t qualify. This can make a difference in the long run and explains why the return to player revolves around 99% on average. When the dealer qualifies, the player is paid if he or she makes a better hand, according to the payouts table.

Cyberstud Poker Jackpots

The best case scenario is obviously to win the Cyberstud Poker and in order to do so, one would have to be dealt a Royal flush. In anticipation of this potentially huge payout, players win up to 20,000 credits if they make a straight flush and smaller amounts for a full house, four of a kind and so on. The progressive jackpot keeps growing until somebody hits the winning combination and luck alone determines who emerges victorious. Jackpots Finder keeps players in the loop with the latest changes and notifies them whenever the jackpot has crossed an important threshold or has set new records.

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