King Cashalot

Winning frequency: 13 days
Time since last hit: 1775 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $92,654.73
Smallest win: $792.10
Biggest win: $638,337.70

King Cashalot is a progressive jackpot slot developed by Microgaming and loosely based on the well-known legend of King Arthur. The game has a modern structure with five reels and nine pay lines, with colorful graphics and mesmerizing animations. It has a story in the background, but to many players, it might look like nothing more than an excuse to keep them going. That’s because the game doesn’t take itself too seriously and instead tries to bring a smile on the face of its players. It goes without saying that the biggest smile is the one decorating the faces of those who claim the spectacular jackpot.

King Cashalot Theme

The name of the slot is a clear indication of the governing theme, with players rightfully expecting to meet the knights of Camelot and their King Arthur. Having said this, the software developer took the liberty of walking down the less traveled paths and depicted the aforementioned characters with a lot of humor. Instead of sober knights and royalties, King Cashalot has its reels populated by smiling characters whose good vibes are almost contagious.

The most important symbols are the ones depicting the King, Queen, Prince and Princess, but also the court jester. Microgaming decided to do away with the classic low symbols, so players shouldn’t expect to see playing card signs adorning the reels. This will probably come as a surprise, given the fact that the other characters that make up the royal court in King Cashalot have a clear playing card vibe. In any case, the substitute low paying symbols are nicely designed and guaranteed to appeal to players.

King Cashalot Features

The first thing that comes to mind when spinning the reels of King Cashalot is the distinct possibility of winning the progressive jackpot. This is the best case scenario and that’s why players are secretly hoping to trigger the ultimate paying combination. In anticipation of this fortunate outcome, they will find solace in the plethora of cool features that help consolidate the bankroll. The first important decision that players need to make is between regular and expert mode, with the latter unlocking the autoplay feature.

Virtually all modern slots allow players to push their gambling into overdrive while decreasing their involvement through the autoplay feature. Its addition to King Cashalot slot isn’t exactly a surprise and it allows for a great deal of customization. Players decide how many spins they want, set the stakes and can reclaim control whenever they want, so this feature is an excellent addition.

Another feature that is likely to bring a smile on the faces of those spinning the reels is the one triggered by the scatter signs. The Jester symbol serves this role and players who find at least two of them will receive a cash prize. One of the advantages of King Cashalot is that the scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the reels and it doesn’t even need to be part of a winning combination. On the other hand, the scatter has the limited role of triggering cash prizes and doesn’t produce free spins as well.

The King Cashalot bonus game is without a doubt the most exciting of all the features that can be triggered at a relatively high frequency. The Dragon symbol is a coveted sight when trying to bring about this mini-game and players would have to discover a minimum of three of them on the second, third or fourth reels. Its arrival marks the beginning of the Treasure Bonus game and just as the name suggests, players are supposed to choose one of the chests available. Their number differs based on the size of the previous wager, so those who bet larger amounts will have more treasures to choose from. Next, players decide if they want to keep their profits or give them away for a chance to take a peek inside another chest

King Cashalot was chosen as the wild symbol and this smiling character is quite versatile, since it can substitute any of these symbols. The scatter and bonus symbols are the obvious exceptions, so they are the only ones that can’t be replaced to produce winning combinations. The wild symbol is also the one capable of triggering the base game jackpot, which is a different one from its progressive counterpart. Players who find five King symbols on the first eight pay lines will claim the equivalent of 15,000 coins.

King Cashalot Jackpots

The King Cashalot progressive jackpot is quite formidable, even by the high Microgaming standards. This is a well-known fact and totally explains why so many people choose to spin its reels in anticipation of a record-setting amount. The slot has incredibly low betting limits of as little as 0.05 coins, while allowing high rollers to push the envelope with big bets. This extraordinary flexibility in regard to betting limits allows players to chase the progressive jackpot without putting a lot of pressure on their bankroll.

Jackpots Finder has kept track of King Cashalot progressive jackpots over the years and can provide data that helps players put things into perspective. Players regularly win hundreds of thousands of dollars and the payouts often cross into the million-dollar area. The app allows players to monitor the progress of the jackpot in real-time through notifications and up-to-date statistics. In order to trigger the progressive jackpot, players will have to line up the five King Cashalot wild symbols on the ninth pay line.

The Bottom Line

King Cashalot is one of the most popular slots developed by Microgaming and also one of its best-paying progressive jackpot games. The low betting limits and great betting flexibility makes it appeal to both highrollers and amateurs. Its visuals captivate a broad audience, while the abundance of features keeps players interested in the long run. Difficult as it is to trigger the progressive jackpot, the perspective of winning a big amount makes it worth chasing this dream.

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