Jackpot Darts

Jackpot Darts


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Jackpot Darts

Winning frequency: 1 day
Time since last hit: 2109 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $174.48
Smallest win: $10.08
Biggest win: $431.12

Jackpot Darts is a slot developed by Ash Gaming and inspired by the popular game played in bars and pubs all over the world. The game has clear arcade elements and compared to traditional slots, it is more immersive, due to its interactive gameplay. A progressive jackpot that keeps growing as more players tag along is the cherry on the cake and it can hit nosebleed limits.

Jackpot Darts Theme

Ash Gaming has extracted an astonishing amount from this concept of interactive darts, without including too many elements from the actual game. At first glance, players might be tempted to assume that there are far more darts elements to this game than they actually are. That’s because the Jackpot Darts theme is reinforced by the visuals, through a beautifully rendered dartboard that appears in the center of the screen. Players have the banking options available on the sides and they can also use the chip selector for a seamless gaming experience. The only thing that’s missing is the chance to actually throw a dart.

Jackpot Darts Features

Jackpot Darts is a game whose outcome depends exclusively on luck, but players are nevertheless given the impression of being actively involved. “Dart combinations” is one of the features that allow players to determine the color of the segment where they expect the dart to land on. They also tasked with choosing the total score, which is calculated based on the points assigned to each area on the dartboard, pretty much as it happens in real life.

Jackpot Darts brings the static dartboard to life, by empowering players to place a chip on the segment of choice, while having the odds displayed in the right side of the screen. These are preliminary features, so players need to take care of all of them before actually beginning the chase for money. If they are lucky enough to win something, they can activate the final feature which is a classic Gamble minigame. They can even take the profits made in the previous round or gamble them for a chance to win twice as much.

Jackpot Darts Jackpots

If players manage to hit the bull’s-eye, they will claim the jackpot that has inspired the name of the game in the first place. The good news is that you don’t have to be a skilled darts player to have a chance of winning the jackpot, since the outcome depends exclusively on luck. The total amount that can be won is displayed clearly on the screen and players who bet the equivalent of €3 are eligible for the main prize. Those who only feel comfortable betting smaller sums will compete for the proportionally lower prices. Information about all these jackpots, winning frequency and past winners is provided by Jackpots Finder.

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