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Mega Ball


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Mega Ball

Winning frequency: 1 day
Time since last hit: 2108 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $92.00
Smallest win: $5.31
Biggest win: $227.25

Mega Ball is a progressive jackpot slot developed by Playtech inspired by the classic lottery and offering similarly high payouts. What makes this game special is that its gameplay is actually a hybrid between eight popular lottery games. Players are paid based on how many numbers they correctly predict, as six colored balls are extracted from a virtual bowl. Even though the outcome of the game is determined exclusively by chance, players can use advanced strategies to make the game more exciting.

Mega Ball Theme

The Mega Ball theme is original for online slots, but it doesn’t differ too much from the classic lottery games. Players have just one challenge, the one of correctly predicting the games, before they place their bets. The sense of competition is enhanced by the very layout of the game, with a huge timer placed at the top of the screen. Players get the feeling that they are constantly on a race against the clock, even though there is plenty of time to act between games. Mega Ball manages to capture the very fragrance of classic Lotto games, while spicing things up with its special features.

Mega Ball Features

The Mega Ball gameplay is loosely based on the lottery style and its features reflect the combination of games. Colored balls are drawn every minute and players are supposed to play one of the seven available games, each with different potential winnings. They can choose the color, as well as the number of the next balls extracted, or do the same for only the sixth ball. It is also possible to predict whether the size of the number will increase or decrease during the gameplay and try to predict four numbers to be selected.

The cocktail game is one of the most exciting and popular Mega Ball versions, tasking players with the challenge of predicting the mix of colors that will be extracted. Risk-averse players can bet on the difference between the first and last number, as they try to anticipate which will be higher. Finally, players can also bet on the total sum of the six balls extracted and predict the amounts range.

Mega Ball Jackpots

The Mega Ball jackpot is won in a very similar fashion as traditional lottery jackpots, by predicting five of the six numbers extracted. The odds of making the right assumption are only one in 285,000, which is still better than the odds players are pit against in a traditional lottery game. The jackpot itself is also lower than the biggest amounts won in major lotteries, but large enough to make a difference. Players who want to know everything about this game and its maximum payout can rely upon Jackpots Finder to provide information about the current and past jackpots, as well as their winning frequency.

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