Mega Moolah

Winning frequency: 45 days
Time since last hit: 172 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $3,906,297.87
Smallest win: $9,498.01
Biggest win: $16,885,872.47

Mega Moolah is one of the best progressive jackpot games ever created and the holder of several records in regard to the prizes awarded. Developed by Microgaming, it has a classic structure with five reels and 25 pay lines, a house edge of only 6% and low volatility. All these elements make it a good fit for beginners and recreational players, even in the absence of the progressive jackpot. Players can bet as little as 0.01 coins and as much as 0.05, with the maximum bet of 6.25, which makes it a progressive penny slot. The game offers free spins, multipliers and bonus rounds, so it is truly the complete package.

Mega Moolah Theme

The theme of Mega Moolah slot wasn’t terribly original even back in the day when the slot was released by Microgaming. On the other hand, the gameplay and its features worry revolutionary at the time, which led to its surge in popularity. Well before players get to compete for the progressive jackpot, they are dazzled by the cheerful images evoking memories of a cartoonish tropical jungle. Players are invited to embark on an epic quest that takes them to a wild realm where the most amazing animals roam freely.

A quick glance at their reels will reveal the fact that Mega Moolah is a vibrant game, with crisp colors and cheerful animations. Zebras, elephants, antelopes, Lions, monkeys and giraffes populate these reels and can produce winning combinations rather frequently. All the symbols are in complete accord with the jungle theme, but they are joined on the reels by playing cards symbols which can produce bigger payouts

Mega Moolah Features

The Mega Moolah progressive jackpot is the goal of pretty much all those who choose this slot developed by Microgaming. Millions of dollars can be won in this way, yet the odds of striking this ultimate winning combination are slim. While chasing their dreams, the player's bankrolls are kept afloat by a multitude of other features, which include free spins, multipliers and special bonuses.

In order to win Mega Moolah free spins, one would have to discover at least three scatter symbols. They are not compelled to line up this icon is on the active pay line, as they continue to produce free spins regardless of where they pop up on the reels. It is the monkey symbol that serves this role, so players should hope to find as many of them as possible. That’s because the number of free spins increases when more scatter symbols are found and the most common bundle consists of 15 bonus rounds. If three additional monkey symbols appear during the free spins, these are re-triggered and free play continues.

The lion is the King of the animals and not surprisingly, it was chosen to serve the role of the wild symbol in the popular Mega Moolah slot. One would have to discover at least two wild symbols on the active pay lines to claim a bounty of 15 coins. It goes without saying that three wild symbols are better than two, as they will produce 125 coins while four are needed to unlock 1500 coins. The best case scenario is to find five identical lion symbols on one of the pay lines to get the lion’s share of 15,000 coins.

The wild symbol can substitute other signs on the reels, so even when you don’t get enough of them to get your coins bonus, it can be used to produce more winning combinations. Furthermore, the lion icon acts as a multiplier, so players will win twice as many points whenever they use it to strike a winning line.

Mega Moolah Jackpots

No matter how fun and cheerful Mega Moolah might be, in the absence of the famed progressive jackpot, this slot would be much less. The odds of winning it aren’t great but they can be improved by betting larger amounts. That’s because the odds get much better if players bet the maximum amount every single time, hoping to trigger the bonus feature. This happens randomly, but while it is impossible to predict the moment, the next steps are straightforward. Players are taken to a wheel of fortune and once players get it in motion, they can do nothing more than hope for it to start at the white segment.

The only thing better than a progressive jackpot is a bundle of such huge amounts. That’s precisely the proposition Mega Moolah makes to its players, as it carries four distinct jackpots of varying amounts. The lowest tier jackpot starts at $10, the second begins at $100 and the third at $10,000 but they go up very quickly. This means that even if players claim the jackpot soon after the reset, they are unlikely to be disappointed with the amount they win.

Ideally, players should claim the main progressive jackpot which is guaranteed to exceed $1 million and frequently goes well beyond $6 million. Several records were set over the years and Mega Moolah remains the best paying slot, with payouts that seem too good to be true. Jackpots Finder has amassed a lot of information regarding past bonuses, the trends of winning and the biggest amounts ever won. For players who chase several jackpots simultaneously, the app is invaluable for staying up to date with the current amounts of the best paying games.

The Bottom Line

Mega Moolah is usually the first name that comes to mind when players think about huge progressive jackpots. Microgaming has achieved something spectacular with this game which has easily passed the test of time and continues to fascinate players. Its reasonable staking, the fun theme and a nice variety of special features keep players entertained, while they wait for the big break. It’s important to remember that there are four progressive jackpots, so players have several opportunities of winning serious cash.

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