Snack Time

Winning frequency: 11 days
Time since last hit: 15 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $2,534.44
Smallest win: $106.00
Biggest win: $5,384.00

The Snack Time is one of the most unusual, but nevertheless, popular slots developed by 888 for the ecosystem of casinos. The original manner in which the symbols are displayed, the structure of the reels and the two progressive jackpots are all good reasons for spinning its reels. Developers did away with the classic pay line patterns and have replaced them with window combo patterns that produce winnings. This doesn’t have a negative effect on the learning curve and even beginners can quickly learn the ropes.

Snack Time Theme

The theme of Snack Time isn’t something to talk about for a long time, since this game is the definition of simplicity. Designers wanted to make sure that the slot resembles a vending machine, with its easy to recognize selection buttons and delicious snacks. They have found an excellent way of incorporating all these unusual elements into a slot that is perfectly suitable for mobile devices. The choice for sounds and visuals is also heavily inspired by the theme of the game, only instead of snacks, players collect cash.

Snack Time Features

Players who spin the reels of Snack Time for the first time are encouraged to take the hands-on approach and do it manually. This will help them learn more about the window combo patterns which have replaced the traditional pay lines. Combo bonuses are the backbone of the Snack Time slot, and they are responsible for producing free spins. Players receive one free spin if they produce two combos in one round, respectively two and three bonus rounds for three or four combos in one spin.

The next step is to choose a bet they regard as reasonable and use the autoplay feature to spin the reels automatically, while enjoying the visuals. This can be done almost indefinitely, but user involvement is needed when activating one of the special features. The Pick Me Game will require players to choose between one of the red question marks appearing on the first and fifth reels. Based on their decision they will receive a multiplier that increases the current winnings.

Snack Time Jackpots

The Snack Time jackpots aren’t exactly the best-known online but this doesn’t make them any less exciting. The fact that players compete for two, instead of one progressive jackpot, only makes things better and the best part is that these are randomly triggered. These two jackpots even have names that are easy to recognize, as they are called Yummy and Delicious. You can find the basic information about both of them in the last part of the screen or gather further Intel using Jackpots Finder. The app will also keep you up-to-date with other regular and progressive jackpots, so you always make the right choice.

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