Treasure Fair

Winning frequency: 8 days
Time since last hit: 84 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $1,309,473.66
Smallest win: $9.00
Biggest win: $1,346,428.00

Fairs have lost much of their appeal over the years, but they still continue to exercise some fascination upon both youngsters and adults. Not surprisingly, video slots inspired by these festive events have their loyal fan base online and 888 studios found the way to tap into this immense potential. The result is a slot that goes by the name of Treasure Fair, which captures the very essence of these magical places. The progressive jackpot it offers represents just the icing on the cake and provides the impetus to persevere.

Treasure Fair Theme

Treasure Fair is a colorful, lighthearted and inspiring video slot with a unique theme that evokes memories of the circuses of old. The appropriate atmosphere was created by cramming as many fair related symbols as possible on the five reels. Above everyone else, the circus ring master reigns supreme and keeps a close eye on the players spinning these reels. The animations are exceptional and make players feel like they are a part of the celebrations, getting them fully immersed within minutes.

Treasure Fair Features

Treasure Fair slot has five reels and a total of 25 pay lines, with flexible stakes that can be adjusted by pressing the plus and minus arrows. These allow players to modify the stakes quickly and once they make up their mind, the autoplay features can be put to good use. At the end of each successful run, players are given the option of gambling their winnings, by clicking on the “double up” button. For those who choose to use the autoplay feature often, this is pretty much the only mandatory interaction they should expect. The circus monkey is the one that will decide your fortunes by flipping a coin during the gambling round.

The low paying classic playing cards symbols can only produce small, albeit often winning combinations. These special symbols depicting the strong man, the fortune teller, the clown, the policeman and the fire eater are better, but still no match for the wild symbol. As it replaces regular signs, it explodes and splits into four smaller wilds that can pop up anywhere on the reels. Another exciting Treasure Fair feature is the one triggered by three bonus symbols, which brings the Wheel of Fortune into the spotlight. Luck alone determines the size and type of reward you collect as the wheel of fortune starts spinning.

Treasure Fair Jackpots

888 has greatly enhanced the fun factor of playing Treasure Fair slot, with the progressive jackpot. A small percentage of the amount wagered is used to fuel this bonus payout, which is constantly growing. The numbers are displayed above the reels, so a quick glance is all it takes to get up to speed with the available jackpot. You can dig deeper and use the statistics provided by Jackpots Finder, to interpret the trends and learn more about the potential of this unique slot.

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09 ,May 2020