The Big Lebowski

Winning frequency: 7 days
Time since last hit: 85 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $1,314,952.59
Smallest win: $332,631.00
Biggest win: $1,346,428.00

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear the name The Big Lebowski, is the famous movie released back in 1998. Its popularity transcended the cinema and served as a source of inspiration to many spinoffs, including a high paying video slot. Random logic has developed this game for 888 casino and it found a way of capturing the very essence of the Hollywood blockbuster. Those who have seen the film will discover many of the characters across its reels, as well as many amusing references. On top of it all, they will find a progressive jackpot which can be won randomly and make players rich with one spin.

The Big Lebowski Theme

The theme of The Big Lebowski slot is not surprisingly very similar to the movie that served as a source of inspiration. There’s no shortage of bowling-related elements, so this is probably the first thing that players will remember when stumbling upon this popular game. The developers spent a lot of time to produce excellent visuals and thanks to the beautiful graphics, all the important characters are portrayed in a convincing manner. At the cornerstone of the narrative is The Dude who is watching the players as they spin the reels, while standing next to Walter in the background.

Players are quickly immersed into the atmosphere by the amusing introductory movie, which sets the stage for what’s to come. The low paying symbols representing playing cards act as cannon fodder, as they can only produce small, but often winning combinations. It is the characters that pay better when they are lined up in a winning sequence and each triumphant spin is accompanied by a short excerpt from the film. The choice for music was also inspired, blending country elements with classic tunes from the feature film. The Big Lebowski is such a charming game that it encourages players to rewatch the movie.

The Big Lebowski Features

The Big Lebowski has the advantage of being inspired by a classic move, so it is more likely to appeal to players who know nothing about it. It also benefits from the progressive jackpot which acts as a magnet for prospective players, but what makes it really special is the mix of special features. This is a classic slot with five reels and 25 pay lines, where players bet on all 25 simultaneously, without the possibility of deactivating them. On the other hand, they enjoy significantly more freedom when it comes to choosing the betting amounts and they can also deploy the autoplay feature for a streamlined gaming experience.

Players can take control of their gaming activity by disabling the autoplay feature and adjust the stakes accordingly. Not all the symbols that appear on the reels deliver the same payouts when they pop up in a winning combination and the total amount depends on the size of the bet. Players are also motivated to bet larger sums, in order to improve the odds of hitting the progressive jackpot. Playing card symbols produce the smallest winnings, while the symbols depicting The Dude, Walter, Maude, Donny and Jesus Quintana deliver bigger profits. All the potential winnings are displayed in the pay table.

The Spare Free Spins feature is a passive one that can be triggered only when players spin the reels without producing a winning combination. These bonus rounds act as consolation prizes and also as a safety net, since they effectively allow players to spin the reels once more for free. This is also one of the reasons why The Big Lebowski is classified as a low variance slot, ideal for beginners and casuals.

The other popular The Big Lebowski feature is actually a bonus game which goes by the name of Good Night Sweet Prince. Behind this tongue-in-cheek humor lies a solid feature, which looks and feels more like a standard picking game. Interactive by nature, it is triggered by the bonus symbols depicting red cans that appear in the center of the first and fifth reels. Players are supposed to choose one of the five items available and based on their decisions, they will win multipliers of up to 10 times the stakes.

The Big Lebowski Jackpots

The Big Lebowski became an instant classic immediately after the slot was released, mostly because of its original theme and visual appeal. Its low variance and the abundance of special features also helped in attracting more players, while the progressive jackpot was always the icing on the cake. This is a randomly awarded prize, so players don’t have any control whatsoever and all they can do is to patiently wait and hope. The odds of triggering the bonus can be improved by betting larger amounts, something that’s common to many progressive jackpot slots.

The particularity of this jackpot is that it can’t be triggered during the spare free spins, because these bonus rounds are offered for free. Jackpots Finders pays the attention that this original slot deserves and is ready to supply a plethora of interesting facts and statistics to those spinning its reels. It does the same with many progressive jackpot games out there, acting as a one-stop shop for fans of the genre. Players are notified whenever records are set, as well as when a progressive jackpot is won, therefore reset.

The Bottom Line

The Big Lebowski slot is a worthy successor of the Hollywood blockbuster in the online gambling industry. Random Logic has done a brilliant job with this game and it is most unlikely that the fans of the film will be disappointed in any way. It is one of the best thematic slots available at 888 Casino and also among the best paying ones, thanks to the jackpot. It frequently crosses the threshold of $1 million, so even though the return to player is of only 94.47%, finding the motivation to play is never a problem.

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