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Stravaganza is an original type of table game, which doesn’t hesitate to stray far from the mainstream titles present in land-based and online casinos. Compared to traditional versions of blackjack, baccarat or pokers, which have the game mechanics only slightly tweaked, this one is played by different rules. In addition to providing players with a chance of experiencing something truly unique, the game also carries a jackpot. Last but not least, the game is compatible with mobile devices and can be enjoyed on the go.

Stravaganza Theme

Stravaganza's similarities with table games are few and the game isn’t driven by a story, so there is no clear theme to talk about. Instead, developers decided to focus on the quality of the visuals, the graphics and wrap it up with an immersive soundtrack. The audio effects are quite good and the music playing in the background is perhaps the most effective instrument for getting players in the mood for gambling. Overall, the presentation is satisfactory and does justice to this original type of table game.

Stravaganza Features

Stravaganza provides players with a high number of betting options so before the beginning of each round players can try something different. It begins with players indicating the sum they are comfortable betting and then press the deal button to receive 2 cards. With the dealer getting 4 cards facing down, players need to decide if they want to increase the wager, take back the whole stakes, or half of the sum invested.

In the absence of special features to spice up the game, Stravaganza is centered on the four main betting options. If players get cards whose total doesn’t exceed five, they have the option of claiming back the entirety of their stake. The rescue bet feature is used when players have a cards total ranging between six and nine and it prompts the casino to return half of the stakes. Gamblers have the option of playing their two cards if they choose to simply “sit”, or push forward with the “play on” betting option. Depending on the strength of their hand compared to what the dealer holds, players will win more or less.

Stravaganza Jackpots

The Stravaganza progressive jackpot can be won by those who agree to place an additional side bet. This is activated whenever they are lucky enough as to be dealt three Kings of hearts. Such a hand combination is the gateway to the progressive jackpot, so players know immediately if they have won the big prize. On the other hand, when they want to stay up-to-date with the biggest jackpots available for table games or slots, they can rely upon the information supplied by Jackpots Finder. The app notifies players immediately after somebody wins the jackpot, so their peers know that the amount has been reset.

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