Superjax Jacks or Better

Winning frequency: every day
Time since last hit: 2108 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $826.30
Smallest win: $792.10
Biggest win: $828.26

Microgaming is famous for its progressive jackpot slots, but the software developer is also the driving force behind many popular video pokers. Superjax Jacks or Better is a game that appeals to the fans of both genres, by bringing the thrills of slots to video poker. It uses the well known and easy to understand rules of Jacks or Better, the most common type of poker, while adding the thrills of a huge extra payout. The progressive jackpot turns the old-school video poker game into a fantastic opportunity.

Superjax Jacks or Better Theme

The software developer chose to stray very little from the original concept of the popular video poker game. That’s why the Superjax Jacks or Better theme fails to impress anyone who was hoping for a truly memorable gaming experience. Instead, the pay table provides a glimpse at the available bonuses, with the numbers clearly displayed for anyone to see. Even the symbols depicting the playing cards don’t differ too much from the ones that populate the reels of traditional Jacks or Better video pokers. The good news is that there’s more than meets the eye about this game and it only gets better in time.

Superjax Jacks or Better Features

Superjax Jacks or Better checks all the boxes that players would expect from traditional video poker. The betting ranges from $.10 to a maximum of $25 per round, so players have the option of betting as much as €125. This is one of the main reasons for why high rollers and veterans are more likely to choose this video poker variant over its counterparts. Players can activate the autoplay feature that allows them to play as many as 25 hands without making any changes whatsoever.

The other thing that makes the game stand out from the crowd is the presence of the Superjax card, which is added on top of the standard 52 card deck. This is the one that gives the name of the game and it is used to trigger the progressive jackpot. The goal is to make a hand of at least a pair of Jacks to get paid, hence the name of the video poker variants. The game mechanics are virtually unchanged, with players keeping and discarding cards to create the best possible hand, according to the pay table.

Superjax Jacks or Better Jackpots

The Superjax card is the one that gives the name of the game and it is used to trigger the progressive jackpot. In this particular video poker variant, the strongest possible hand is the four of a kind made of Jacks, plus the aforementioned card. It acts as a gateway to the progressive jackpot which is won whenever somebody makes this hand. Compared to other games carrying such a big amount, the Superjax Jacks or Better jackpot is easier to win.

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