Superman The Movie

Winning frequency: 1 day
Time since last hit: 2109 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $3,151.03
Smallest win: $18.09
Biggest win: $8,105.66

Superman The Movie is a progressive jackpot game developed by Playtech and retelling the story of the superhero from planet Krypton. Just as the name suggests, the slot is inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster and quickly gets players immersed into the DC comics universe. On top of the cool visuals and the classic theme, the game presents players with the chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

Superman The Movie Theme

All the symbols populating the reels of the Superman The Movie are in complete accord with the theme, except for the lower value playing cards symbols. Christopher Reeve’s image was used to bring to life Superman, as this is the actor most often identified with him. Next to Superman, players will discover symbols depicting Clark Kent, Lois, Lex Luther, the Daily Planet logo and a mildly frightening kryptonite pendant. The music is also the same used in the Hollywood blockbuster, so it quickly sets the stage.

Superman The Movie Features

The Superman The Movie progressive jackpot is the one sought after by those who spin the reels of this slot. Until they get lucky enough as to actually win the main prize, they will have the opportunity of making incremental gains through the special game features. Across the five pay lines, players will trigger winning combinations by lining up identical symbols and the one depicting Superman pays the best. In the right sequence, this symbol will result in a return on investment of 500 times the stakes.

One of the most popular Superman The Movie features is the one called Save the Day Free Games and players can unlock 10 bonus rounds at the time. In order to do so, they need to land the extra spins icon on any of the first, third or fifth reels. This will make the Superman logo to stay firmly in place, at least for the next 10 games. The best part is that the superhero will rewind time after players extinguish the batch of 10 free spins, so they get to play for free an additional 10 more rounds.

Superman The Movie Jackpots

The only thing better than one progressive jackpot is a batch of four such prizes and that’s precisely the proposition made by this slot. These go by the name of Superman The Movie Mini, Minor, Major and Grand than they deliver different payouts. They are however triggered by the same 20 jackpot icons and players are supposed to pick the luckiest ones to feel up the energy balls. A total of five are required to unlock the grand jackpot, which counts into millions of dollars. To get a better sense of what this jackpot is all about and the money that can be won, go over the statistics provided by Jackpots Finder. The app will also keep you hooked to these jackpots through its convenient and reliable notification system.

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