Sweet Party

Winning frequency: 14 days
Time since last hit: 1849 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $250,041.89
Smallest win: $84.69
Biggest win: $893,767.90

Sweet Party slot is one of the better-looking games developed by Playtech centered on the original theme of vending machines. Its simple gameplay will appeal to both veteran players and casual gamblers, while the best selling point is the progressive jackpot. The slot has a standard structure with five reels and it does away with the traditional pay lines, relying instead on an eclectic mix of arcade game elements.

Sweet Party Theme

Sweet Party is a beautiful, well organized and quite neat slot machine with a colorful theme and an upbeat vibe. The name is self-explanatory and players won’t be surprised to see that the reels are populated by all types of candy. Lined up in the right sequence, they produce winning combinations and whenever players discover at least five of them connected, the reels are brought to life by bright explosions. The candy-theme is augmented by the manner in which the reels are designed, to look like a candy machine.

Sweet Party Features

The original manner in which winning combinations are produced makes Sweet Party a unique slot in the Playtech collection. A quick glance at its special features will highlight the similarities the game has with classic arcades and the emphasis is on creating winning combinations easily. The progressive jackpot is looming larger than life in the background, but it requires at least 16 symbols in a winning sequence. In order to win the maximum amount, players need to bet €10 or currency equivalent, but the smaller bet will result in a percentage of 10, 20 or 50 of the jackpot being credited.

Significantly fewer can be used to produce regular winnings and the differences between the winnings produced by various symbols are significant. Players can keep track of their performance, by stacking their Sweet Party winnings after each round. The amount is constantly updated and the total amount displayed in the left part of the screen, so they can decide if they keep playing or claim winnings.

Sweet Party Jackpots

The Sweet Party jackpot isn’t randomly triggered, but automatically awarded to those who produce winning combinations that involve a minimum of 16 symbols. As stated above, players win the entire jackpot or a percentage of it, depending on how much money they have wagered. This provides players with the impetus to bet Max all the time, so when the jackpot symbols finally hit, they win all the cash. Jackpots Finder has amassed an entire collection of progressive jackpot games that it tracks 24/7. Information about the biggest paying ones if conveyed directly to players through the notification system and gamblers can also use the app to compare interesting statistics about various slots.

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