Triple Sevens

Winning frequency: 46 days
Time since last hit: 1112 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $7,820.84
Smallest win: $849.62
Biggest win: $127,809.50

Triple Sevens is a Microgaming slot that evokes memories of classic slots defined by simplicity and with few special features. The developers went to great lengths to create a modern game that still resembles an old school slot and the results speak for themselves. Straightforward game mechanics, a high return to the player and the possibility of winning the progressive jackpot are some of the arguments for choosing it.

Triple Sevens Theme

Developing a game with spectacular graphics is right down Microgaming’s alley, but this would have defeated the purpose of creating a classic looking game. Instead, the developers chose to keep things pretty basic and the visuals are in complete accord with the image the slot wants to project. The game steers clear from vibrant colors and mesmerizing animations and instead takes a minimalistic approach. There’s nothing fancy about it and the entire Triple Sevens theme is centered on standard elements. All in all, this is a game that stays consistent with its theme and doesn’t surprise players in any way.

Triple Sevens Features

Triple Sevens is the result of restraint enthusiasm, but even though it doesn’t impress visually, it does keep the player in complete control. Before each spin of the reels, players can customize their bets and even make short-term plans using the autoplay feature. Since the reward depends mainly on the amount wagered in addition to the type of winning combination, they are motivated to bet larger amounts. Players can always revert to the hands-on approach and terminate the autoplay mode to reclaim control.

As stated above, Triple Sevens symbols are easy to recognize by anyone who has spent time playing land-based slots. Microgaming stuck to the plan, but even among these basic signs, the playing card symbols look like outcasts. These produce the most often winning combinations but also pay the smallest amounts, with a maximum win of 20 times the investment. The cherries, bars and the sevens are slightly better, but the symbol that players should be looking for is obviously the 777 icon. Players shouldn’t expect wild or scatter symbols since there aren’t any, so the only way to cash in is by producing winning combinations.

Triple Sevens Jackpots

The Triple Sevens jackpot is randomly triggered by those who bet the maximum number of coins, so this is the one and only condition to win the prize. Since luck determines the outcome, perseverance is the only quality needed to remain in the race for the prize. Microgaming has the jackpot displayed next to the reels and players should know that this is pooled with other casinos powered by the software developer. Jackpots Finder has assembled a comprehensive list of jackpots from this developer as well as other industry leaders and updates them in real-time to keep players well-informed.

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