Diamonds Delight

Winning frequency: 7 days
Time since last hit: 17 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $9,131.57
Smallest win: $2,061.00
Biggest win: $51,242.00

Diamonds Delight is a glamorous video slot developed by Random Logic for 888 Casino. The moment players spin its reels for the first time, they will be swept off their feet by the luxurious look of the symbols populating them. Just as the name suggests, diamonds and expensive jewels are scattered across the reels, producing equally lavish winnings. The best case scenario is to land one of the two progressive jackpots which can trigger winnings of as much as $250,000.

Diamonds Delight Theme

Random Logic went to great lengths to create a game that is worthy of the name Diamonds Delight. The result speaks for itself, with all sorts of expensive gems adorning their reels. The standard structure of the game with five reels and three rows can be a bit deceiving, since this particular slot doesn’t have a traditional pay-lines structure. Instead, players are invited to produce winning combinations by lining up jewels of the same time in any direction. The precious gems come in different shapes and colors but perhaps not surprisingly, the diamond is the best paying one. Whenever players use it to produce a winning of up to 500 times the stakes, the reels are brought to life by joyful sounds.

Diamonds Delight Features

Developers chose to do away with the classic gameplay that is usually centered on a wild symbol. Instead, they added a Pick Me icon which can appear on the first and last real. This is responsible for producing the Pick Me bonus and players get to choose the symbol that will trigger the multiplier. This is applied to the regular winnings, in a similar fashion as a wild symbol, so the profits depend solely on the stakes.

Diamonds Delight empowers players to trigger one of the three winning combos with every spin of the reels. The rewards also differ, with players receiving one, two or three free spins if they land the super combo, mega combo, respectively the super mega combo. These predetermined combinations are activated quite often, so unlike the progressive jackpot, they are easy to accomplish. They don’t use an impressive number of free spins, but at least players get to spin the reels for free rather frequently.

Diamonds Delight Jackpots

They say that diamonds are forever and the same goes for the appeal of progressive jackpots. Diamonds Delight gives players the chance of winning a huge amount with any spin of the reels through one of its two embedded progressive jackpots. These go by the name of diamonds and jewels and they randomly produce jackpot winners. The size of the jackpot is constantly updated and the information is clearly displayed on the right side of the screen. The maximum Diamonds Delight jackpot that can be won here consists of $250,000 or currency equivalent. Jackpots Finder will help you gather additional data about past winners, the frequency of landing jackpots and other useful information.

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