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Ghost in the Shell

Winning frequency: every day
Time since last hit: 1247 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $9,492.99
Smallest win: $5,234.00
Biggest win: $20,157.00

Ghost in the Shell is a slot developed in-house by 888 gaming and drawing inspiration from the popular series of video games, TV shows and anime movies. It is based on the characters brought to life by Masonari Ota in the late 80s that gained worldwide recognition a decade later. The slot stays true to the narrative and it is aimed at the fans of the anime series, but also regular punters. It achieves this by re-creating the background and atmosphere of the anime, while throwing in a progressive jackpot.

Ghost in the Shell Theme

The Ghost in the Shell theme is inspired by the cyberpunk future envisioned by the author of the famous series. Enhanced humans roam the Earth and as they turn into cyborgs, they can be hacked and bent to the will of their new masters. This grim future was also depicted in the latest Hollywood blockbuster starring Scarlett Johansson, so the slot has gained further traction. It is the main characters that populate the reels and stand for the highest paying symbols in the game. It is around them that the entire game is being built, with the other symbols depicting traditional playing cards ranging from Aces to 10s.

Ghost in the Shell Features

There is more than meets the eye about Ghost in the Shell and behind the original theme, this modern slot has a lot to offer. This is a rather volatile slot, which means that players don’t win as often, but when they do, they claim big winnings. Meanwhile, it is the special features that provide the impetus to keep growing and one of the most important ones is triggered by the wild symbol. It can substitute all the other signs of the reels and it manifests in two ways, with the word “Wild” in gold or red frame. When it is used to produce a winning combination, it awards a multiplier that increases profits up to three times.

Motoko or Batou symbols play a special role in the Ghost in the Shell, as they trigger the Pick-Me feature when they appear on the first or fifth reels. Players try to pick the correct symbols and if they do, their winnings are multiplied up to 40 times, otherwise, the game ends abruptly and basic play resumes. Three or more scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will trigger free spins and the more scatters are lined up in a winning sequence, the more bonus rounds are produced. These range from a minimum of three free spins to a maximum of 30 free spins, corresponding to five scatter symbols.

Ghost in the Shell Jackpots

Without a doubt, the most popular of all Ghost in the Shell features is the progressive jackpot itself. Since it is randomly awarded players don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary, or even to match specific symbols. The only way to enhance the odds of winning is by betting larger amounts and in anticipation of these winnings, they can also check out the current amount. Jackpots Finder helps players keep track of the standing jackpots, while also providing information about past winners.

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