Gods of Gold

Winning frequency: 7 days
Time since last hit: 85 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $1,314,952.59
Smallest win: $332,631.00
Biggest win: $1,346,428.00

Gods of Gold is a progressive jackpot slot with a suggestive name, developed by 888 studios for its flagship casino. The slot has a classic structure with 25 pay lines, original features an eclectic mix of wild and scatter symbols, bonus games and it offers the promise of a major jackpot. Even though the theme is inspired by the ancient deities of Greek mythology, the developers took a lot of liberty when designing these gods. Just as the name suggests, the precious metal plays an important role and it sets the stage for what promises to be game with epic winnings. Zeus is the supreme deity in this game, looming larger-than-life above the reels and paying close attention to the treasure chest hiding the ever-growing jackpot.

Gods of Gold Theme

Mythology in general and ancient Greece in particular, have long captivated the imagination of software developers producing slots for online casinos. Random Logic took a leap of faith with this particular slot, by throwing into the mix symbols depicting supernatural creatures that are not exactly canon. Among the symbols populating the reels, players will find female Angels, gods of ice and other mythical creatures that are difficult to identify. The thing they have in common is the fact that all are dressed in white and golden clothes, which is in complete accord with the image that Gods of Gold tries to project.

The larger-than-life characters that appear on the reels produce different winning combinations and some symbols pay better than the rest. Developers chose to further enhance the appeal of this slot inspired by all-powerful gods by adding a majestic soundtrack. The moment the reels are set in motion, players are automatically transported to a mythical realm where anything looks possible. Zeus is ever-watching and his eye is fixed on the progressive jackpot, encouraging players to check it out often and keep betting.

Gods of Gold Features

The Gods of Gold game matrix is pretty standard, with five reels and three rows, which translates into a total of 25 pay lines. This gives the game the classic appeal and in conjunction with its funky visuals, it is likely to appeal to both amateurs and veteran players. Speaking of which, the minimum bet consists of as little as 0.01 per pay line or as much as 10, so players can bet the maximum amount of $25 overall. As soon as they feel comfortable with the rules of this game, players have the option of using the autoplay feature. They select the predetermined stakes, as well as the number of rounds to play on autopilot.

The Gods of Gold information button grants players immediate access to a comprehensive pay table. All the winning combinations are detailed here, so players know exactly how much money is up for grabs based on each combination of symbols. The dark-haired woman is the one paying the best, since five symbols depicting her will lead to a maximum payout of 1500 times the investment. Half of that amount is won by players who line up just as many symbols on the active pay line depicting the female angel. Further down, players can expect payouts of 300 coins and 100 coins for the two male characters, so they have good reasons to be hoping for as many symbols depicting ladies as possible.

The Lightning Wild symbol plays an important role in Gods of Gold, since it can substitute all the other signs in the game and also triggers the beginning of a mini-game. This only happens when it appears on the third reel, as extra wilds are added, with a minimum number of two and a maximum of four to be expected. These are sticky wilds, so they will persist for up to three free spins effectively increasing the winnings during the bonus rounds.

Another special Gods of Gold feature is the one that takes players to the Wheel of Fortune whenever they discover three bonus icons. These need to appear on the second, third or fourth reels to give them the chance of winning one of the prizes. Initially, players determine the multipliers that will apply to their winnings and then an interactive mini-game begins. Participants are supposed to choose one of the icons hiding prizes and then these will be increased according to the previously unlocked multiplier.

Gods of Gold Jackpots

The name of this game would’ve been misleading in the absence of a progressive jackpot, but this isn’t a concern for those who play Gods of Gold. This is a user-friendly slot with fun special features that are both high paying and interactive, but nothing truly compares to the jackpot. Winning this huge amount doesn’t depend on the symbols discovered on the reels, since it is randomly triggered and can hit at any time. The only thing that players can do to increase the odds of winning is to bet larger amounts, since there is a clear link between the size of the bet and the chances of winning the progressive jackpot.

888 casino has other progressive jackpots to offer and whenever somebody hits the winning combination the amounts are reset. The same goes for Gods of Gold slot, so it pays off to focus on the game when the main prize surges to new highs. Jackpots Finder can help you reduce the time spent with research and focus precisely on these top paying slots. You will find useful information about the current jackpot as well as the last time somebody has won it.

The Bottom Line

Gods of Gold has all the qualities needed to become a popular slot even among those who know little about progressive jackpot games. Without being the best paying slot of this type, it can still make a huge difference when the progressive jackpot is won. Meanwhile, players are given the chance of boosting their bankroll through free spins and by activating one of the special features. The return to player of almost 95% leaves some to be desired, but it is still in line with the industry average.

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