Pirates Millions

Winning frequency: every day
Time since last hit: 34 days
Best time to play: now
Average win: $2,004,303.74
Smallest win: $103,150.00
Biggest win: $3,200,966.00

888 software powers hundreds of thematic slots and among them one stands out from the crowd when it comes to pirate-themed games. Built on a solid, but somewhat predictable foundation, Pirates Millions goes beyond the standard routine of slots featuring buccaneers. It holds plenty of surprises, ranging from immersive and well paying special features to a progressive jackpot game that can produce epic profits.

Pirates Millions Theme

The developers of Pirates Millions had a clear goal in mind and that was to get players embarked on an epic quest at sea. Those bold enough to break the high tide could be lavishly rewarded by the progressive jackpot, while raking frequent winnings through the bonus features. As they dwell on this promise, players will discover a slot that is kind to the eye and its story is told with great humor. Instead of an angry sea, players will navigate a tranquil ocean, with calm waters and a blue sky above. For some odd reason, the pirate ship has sunk and a lone pirate is floating aimlessly on a piece of wood.

Pirates Millions isn’t the kind of game to take itself overly serious, so it should appeal to those who seek a lighthearted slot. Its five reels and 25 pay lines structure doesn’t differ too much from the other modern slots, including those with a Pirates theme. It is the main symbols that help it stand out from the crowd, with the central characters including Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Players are guaranteed to remember their faces, since they produce some of the biggest payouts, together with the pirate captain.

Pirates Millions Features

The simplicity of Pirates Millions will convince many players, even the less experienced ones to quickly switch to auto play. They will be able to spin the reels automatically in this manner and see how the compass, telescope, map book, the cutlass and the other low-value symbols create winning combinations. Betting wise, players can bet anything ranging from 0.01 to 10 credits on every single pay line, with higher wagers triggering higher rewards. The goal is to land a winning combination on the active pay line to win an amount that is indissolubly linked to the size of your investment.

Even though the basic gameplay of Pirates Millions is fun enough to keep players entertained, the special features give it the depth modern slots would require. Take the Galleon’s Gold bonus game for example, which is triggered by a minimum of three parrot symbols that appear anywhere on the reels. If players are lucky enough as to discover more such symbols, the multipliers will increase to 5, respectively 10 times. During this stage of the game, players will participate in a picking game, as the goal is to advance from one island to the other, to unlock one of the many prizes down the road.

A quick glance at the pay tables will reveal the fact that the lowest paying symbols are the playing cards ranging from 10 to Ace. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the telescopes which are some of the best paying ones, since five of them trigger a reward worth 1500 times the stakes. Impressive as this amount might be, it feels like nothing more than a drop in an ocean of winnings, when compared to the progressive jackpot. There’s so much money up for grabs, that it comes as no surprise that whenever players stumble upon wild symbols, their hearts skip a bit in anticipation of a major paycheck.

Because of the sheer difficulty of triggering the progressive jackpot, players will rely more on the bonuses produced by the three special symbols. The pirate acts as a scatter symbol and do precisely what this sign usually does in most online slots, by triggering free spins. The pelican is the wild symbol and it substitutes the basic signs on the reels, while offering the promise of the jackpot. Last but not least, the Bountiful Barrels Bonus game is the result of Treasure Chest symbols popping up to trigger multipliers.

Pirates Millions Jackpots

888 studios have hit the jackpot with this pirate themed game, which is different enough to convince veteran players to give it a chance. Equally important for experienced gamblers, is that Pirates Millions carries a progressive jackpot that can go as high up as £8,888,888. The manner in which the jackpot is paid is also worth mentioning, since the line bet is multiplied by 1,111,111. Assuming players have wagered the maximum amount on the active pay line, they can reach the aforesaid sum. To put things into perspective, somebody who chooses to bet the minimum of £0.10 will only win £100,000.

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The Bottom Line

Pirates Millions is one of the many pirate themed games but it brings enough novelty to convince players to give it a chance. The classic features, the sheer beauty of the symbols populating the reels and the colorful background, make the voyage just as exciting as the destination. The free spins, the multipliers boosting regular payouts and the captivating bonus game further spice up what promises to be a memorable journey. Ultimately, everyone is secretly or overtly hoping to win the progressive jackpot and with a maximum amount of £8,888,888, there’s a good reason to stay motivated.

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